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Regular maintenance will maximize the life of your biogas plant!

Methalac and Biogaz Services, its partner specialized in the maintenance of biogas plants, will support you in your maintenance plan to keep your installations at their maximum efficiency!

The maintenance of your unit is also our priority!

All assembly, commissioning and maintenance services for Methalac equipment are performed by our preferred French partner Biogaz Services. Methalac and Biogaz Services have been working together for many years. The teams are specialized in biogas installations and will assist you in the proper functioning of your biogas plant.

We provide you with a set of services to optimize the maintenance and durability of your installation: 

  • Remote assistance 7 days a week:

 A team of technicians is at your disposal and contactable 24/7 via the hotline to assist you in the maintenance of your unit 

 By setting up an automated system adapted to your unit, problems can be analyzed and solved quickly at a distance via our computer system

  • Interventions on sites: 

In case of any breakdown, we propose a solution within 48 hours. We also offer curative and preventive maintenance contracts for the upkeep of your unit

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  • Availability of spare parts: 

In order to optimize the speed of our maintenance operations, spare parts are available in a timely manner.