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Predictive Maintenance Maximizes your Biogas Plant Sustainability!

Methalac offers a service contract with a maintenance plan to keep your biogas plant at its maximum efficiency!

The Maintenance of your Biogas Plant is our Priority!

We perform all installation, commissioning and maintenance services . Our team is specialized in biogas installations and assist operators for the proper running of their biogas plant.

We provide a set of services to optimize the maintenance and durability of your biogas plant:

  • Remote assistance 7 days a week:

A team of technicians is at your service and reachable 24/7 via our hotline to assist with the maintenance of your biogas plant.

With our automation system adapted to your biogas plant, 98% of events can be analyzed and solved quickly and remotely via our monitoring system.

  • On Site Interventions:

In case of any unforseen event, we offer a solution within 48 hours. We also offer curative and preventive maintenance contracts for a performant operation of your biogas plant.

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  • Spare Parts Availability:

To optimize your maintenance operations, spare parts are available in a timely manner thanks to our delocated workshops.