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A Tailored Solutions Designed for your Specific Needs

Methalac shares its 10 years of expertise in anaerobic digestion to serve your project!

Our support throughout your Project is Key to Success!

The study phase, preliminary engineering and the installation of a biogas project requires expertise in specific fields.

Over the past 10 years, Methalac has developed a strong expertise through the design and construction of more than 60 biogas plants, each has been carried out respecting key steps, each as important as the others, where our team of engineers support the project holder step by step from start to finish.

Each project is unique, all our proposals are customized to your needs!

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Feasibility study

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Economic study

Enebio construction


Administrative procedures

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Our pre-diagnosis determines under which conditions it is possible to produce biogas and determines the unknowns (heat, feedstock mix, financing...) in just a few hours to make your project technically and economically feasible. According to your structure (Project Developer, farm, municipality, industrial group) and various technical aspects, we can quickly assess if your project is meeting your expectations. Then we can figure the best solutions together.

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Preliminary Study

The preliminary study is a reliable and fast way to identify various technical points of your anaerobic digestion project to help make structural and technical choices for the realization of your project.

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Economic study

  • Detailed Budgetary Approach of your installation
  • Calculation of Major Operating Costs
  • Help for your Financing and Business plan

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Administrative procedures

We help with the administrative steps and we can refer you to a trusted partner :

  • Contract of obligations for the purchase of energy
  • Environment protection compliance, sanitary approvals...
  • Support request for building permit
  • Connections to electricity grid or gas network partner