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Our history and missions
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Together, let's build your biogas plant!

Methalac, a French family-owned company, has been an expert in the design, construction, maintenance and biological monitoring of agricultural biogas units for 10 years. A major player in the construction of biogas units, Methalac lists over 50 units in operation and build about 12 new units per year throughout France and internationally.

Our history

Laurent PAUCHARD - Founder and CEO of Methalac : 

"Son of a farmer, I was raised on a farm in the north of France. After obtaining my degree in agricultural engineering, I decided to develop industrial biogas in order to help farmers diversify their income while producing green energy.

In 2009, as the concept of agricultural biogas was not yet developed in France, I went to Germany, where they were more advanced in this process for training. In 2012, back to France, I created the company Methalac. 

Biogas is a complex business in constant evolution but the key attributes shared by the whole team are passion, expertise and commitment to the customer."

Notre histoire
Methalac et biogaz

Our team is composed of a design office (engineers and industrial designer), a field team (fitters), a team specialized in operation (automation specialists), a biology department and an after-sales service with maintenance technicians.

Discover the team

Methalac in a few figures

10 years of experience
50 units in operation
10 units under construction
25 engineering projects
50 engineers & technicians at your service
  • RBB methanisation
  • Contruction Jugnon
  • Baroche construction
  • Mise en Service Enebio

Our mission

Methalac has been sharing its expertise for 10 years through the following missions:

We can arrange a quick pre-diagnosis in just few minutes, even by phone, on the coherence of your project at no cost to you. According to different technical aspects as per your structure (farm, CUMA, communities, industrial), we are confident to assess quickly if your project meets your expectations. Following that we can develop possible solutions together.

A support in the various steps to be carried out:

  • Feasibility study
  • Detailed study
  • Administrative file (declaration-registration-authorization)
  • A detailed business plan to support your banking files
  • Proposals for alternative financing solutions
  • Assistance in the steps of connection
  • Proposals of adapted thermal valorization solutions
  • Our expertise in setting up of a hygienization module