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Biological monitoring
Baroche Biogaz

Biological monitoring is essential to obtain quality biogas!

Methalac and Biogaz Services, its partner specialized in the maintenance of biogas plant, will support you in your maintenance plan to keep your installations at their maximum efficiency!

A biological follow-up from A to Z !

The biology department of our partner Biogaz Services is composed of 3 biologists specialized in biological optimization in biogas plant. Thanks to a field expertise and a rich database, our team offers you the following services under contract or each part:

A biological training applied to your unit.

To enrich your skills and gain autonomy in the management of your unit. The objectives are to determine the biological principles of feeding an agricultural digester, to identify the potential limiting and inhibiting factors to prevent biological risks on your unit, to set up the daily monitoring of the unit to prevent malfunctions and to ensure an optimal production of the unit.

Biological monitoring equipment 

Advice and supply of analysis equipment and its consumables adapted to the characteristics of your unit.

Co-management of your ramp-up

You have a dedicated contact person who establishes your ramp-up plan and monitors all the biological parameters on a daily basis. He/she will accompany you in the handling and biological management of the unit.

Economic optimization and performance achievement

Thanks to a large database of materials, our team is able to advise you on what best work for you.