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Baroche Biogaz

A turnkey project that meets your expectations!

In order to ensure a good follow-up of the implementation of your installation, a project manager is assigned to you, he will be your only contact!

The concept

The assembly of the installations, like the steps that precede it, is a key element in the implementation of your project. Indeed the quality and the rigor of its conception will directly influence the functionality and the durability of the system in time. All our team of fitters is committed to highest quality. We also make it a point of honor to respect the schedules and deadlines programmed as well as the respect of financial commitments (budget/costs).

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  • Mise en service Jugnon

Commissioning of your biogas plant: optimal management guaranteed!

The commissioning of your biogas plant is the last big step, and we will share this great moment together! We offer you a start-up support as well as a quality training of the people who will manage the unit. During this training, you will learn about the technical management of your unit, the management of materials, the biological monitoring, and the maintenance of your unit. We will also give you information on the regulations and the objectives of a biogas plant (reduction of greenhouse gases, environmental protection, waste management...). 

A follow-up is ensured until the contractual increase in load of your installation and a test of performances will be carried out to ensure you of the technical capacities of your installation. We will guide you through the management and the optimization of your unit until it's functioning to your expectations.

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