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Méthalac offers a dedicated expert team of 50 men and women : project managers, designers, biologists, automation specialists, sales engineers, as well as delocated technicians to ensure the proper installation, operation and maintenance of your biogas plant.


Laurent Pauchard : Director – Founder

Sales and Communication Department

3 Sales Engineers
1 Communication Manager

Export Service

1 Export Director
3 VIE (International Volunteers in Business)
-1 USA

Project Department

1 Project Director
3 Project Managers
1 Assistant Project Manager

Industrial Designers

3 Industrials Designers

Administrative Department

1 Executive Assistant
1 Project Manager Assistant
1 Invoicing Agent
1 Quality-Safety-Environment Manager

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Department

1 Energy Process Engineer
1 Process Engineer
1 Electrical Engineering Technician

Technicians and installation department

5 Installation Technicians
2 Assistant Technicians

Biology Department and Performance Monitoring Service

2 Biologists
1 Person in charge of the performance of the biogas plants in operation
1 Decarbonation studies manager

Supply Department

1 Supply Manager

Automation Service

2 Automaticians


5 Maintenance Technicians delocated close to plants in operation

After-Sales Service for installed units from our exclusive partner Biogaz Services

1 Person responsible for installed units
1 Operational maintenance manager
1 Sedentary maintenance technician
1 After-sales service technician / estimator-supplier