Our partners

Partnerships with French or European companies

Méthalac makes it a point of honor to develop partnerships with local businesses that share the same values of proximity and commitment to the customer.


Biogaz Services is Méthalac’s preferred partner in France. Biogaz Services specializes in the installation, biological monitoring, maintenance and servicing of biogas plants. Biogaz Services works on all brands of installations, with various biogas production technologies.




The biogas plants with flexible tanks. Arcbiogaz is a young company located in the west of France with the objective to create an attractive and technically reliable offer of biogas production on the farm.



Nenufar is a French company that has developed and patented an innovative cover. Floating on the slurry, it includes a pneumatic frame and a ballasting system. It captures and stores the biogas naturally produced in the pit to allow its valorization.



With the financial support of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes région